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We're looking to develop cutting-edge solutions to address global challenges related to energy, water, and food.


At the heart of every research theme, we are actively seeking innovative ways to maximize the utilization of solar energy. This involves integrating various complementary solar-conversion technologies and materials to optimize the capture and conversion of solar energy.



Clean water is scarce in many parts of the world; however, it is also a crucial resource for fuels production. Utilizing already scarce freshwater for energy production only exacerbates this problem. Under this research theme, we explore alternative water sources such as seawater, industrial wastewater, and untreated freshwater for fuels production. This research encompasses the development of solar materials, new process engineering, and scaling methodologies.


Land use competition between food and energy production is emerging as a challenge in countries with high energy consumption and limited land availability due to dense populations. With the 2050 carbon neutrality roadmap, many nations anticipate a shortage of land for both food and renewable energy production. In this research theme, our focus is on exploring how food and energy production can not only coexist but also mutually benefit one another. This research theme encompasses the development of solar materials, lab-scale, and large-scale reactor panels, as well as the implementation of new chemical processes, all while fostering close collaboration with the agriculture industry.


Organic and plastic waste pose significant challenges due to their slow decomposition rates, contributing to landfill overflow and the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In this research theme, our focus is on exploring various processes to repurpose and convert waste, with a specific emphasis on biomass, into valuable chemicals that can be reintegrated into industries, fostering a circular economy. This research theme encompasses the development of new pathways for waste utilization, the creation of innovative solar materials and catalysts, circular process engineering, and scaling up in collaboration with industrial partners.

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